Webcomic? Wednesday

Well I said that I will be using this day for fandoms of all sorts. I am all over the place as far as what I geek over. My love of comics all started with xmen. I am fond of damaged heroes. It allows for hope that anyone can be a hero, not just the perfect folk.

I grew up with comic books, and the television bringing them to life. Not that I ever needed it, the books and their amazing stories were more than enough for my fertile imagination. And I was not alone.

I like to think that people like Stan Lee are where geek culture started. I am so grateful to have been able to see the stories, and I hope to see many more.


Planning covers.

These are all future poetry volume titles. I do all of my own cover design and thought you might enjoy.

Pad explain

poetic asides


1. Disaster

2. Quiet

3. Loud

Ok I know that today was supposed to be teaser Tuesday. Only problem is that I have been sick for three days… That stupid weather change sniffles thing. I have been trying to keep up with everything but Serena’s nano novel has suffered. We are passed the 10k mark… But then it kinda got back burner treatment because of the sick. I refuse to post the same teasers. I respect you too much for that. I do have the rest of the week. And Teaser Tuesday may not be a every week thing. I will attempt to at least update you on how the writing is going, even if I can’t do a teaser. On that note, Spilled verse is coming along. I already have six or seven poems out of the seventy needed(all of the volumes I publish have at least seventy poems).

All of the links are listed on my post Links updated. I post them every so often as to bump them up on my blog.

Thanksgiving week I will not be posting. Family time, not internet time and all of that. Hopefully you all have a miraculous holiday.

Oh and be sure to check out my second world building post on Friday.

The death of a hero

There was no poem for Monday as I was too sad to write. Stan Lee’s passing was monumental. Yes I know that he was old. Somehow though he was one of those people who seem immortal. So I will try to do the poem prompt for today as well as tomorrow’s then. For tonight… The world is just too sad. So I am going to bed hoping that Mr. Lee is greeted on the other side like the hero he was.

Links!!! Update

This is my links
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Creative Juices

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word play

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Sacks of Wit

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Bedtime Tales II: The Princess Lost

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Music for the soul

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And here is Serena’s

The Death Of Neverland

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Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie

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Draft 2 digital – https://www.books2read.com/u/47ZAa7