Character Deep Dives (CDD)

Cyn A. Snow, Author

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Diving deep into characters is, I am finding, extremely important to stories. Yes, it is about the story, but without great, well-thought-out characters, there wouldn’t be a story. We all fall in love with this character and hate that one. Why is that? Because the author knows the character. Feels the character. And I am learning to let my characters talk to me a lot more so that I can write them well, especially in my current WIP, which covers the very serious topics of human trafficking/modern slavery, prostitution, abuse, drugs, and mob organizations.

So, because of these deep dives, I now know a lot more about my main character Arkmenos Kilrak and am getting to know the villain’s right hand girl, Treina. Now, when I tell people that my characters ‘talk’ to me, if they are not writers/creatives, they look at…

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Starting a new story

I have been in a limbo since finishing the writing on Rust, Gore and the Junkyard Zombie. Writing poetry…. But story wise. I have a lot of options and I narrowed it down to three that I was willing to write.

Rust, Gore and the Junkyard Zombie goes to my editor ( the week of the 26th of January. When I get it back I will be focusing on it more. My editor is amazing, so I rarely have to do anything else to my work when I send it to her.

So I mulled over the options available for stories. I decided to go ahead with one that I have tentatively titled Sanguinary Theory. Here’s the beginning idea…. I will polish and give you a better synopsis soon. This is the rough start.

~What causes a serial killer to stop killing? Usually death or capture. No one caught Jack the Ripper. So most assume him dead. The truth is something far more bizarre, and so very interesting.

Jack seeks immortality. He has discovered a medicine and blood rituals that have prolonged his life. And has been searching the centuries for the answer to true immortality. ~

Well? Sound interesting? Drop me your thoughts in the comments and help me decide whether or not this story is the right choice.

Prompts and some honest results

so Insomnia is kicking my butt. I decided to do a month of prompts in December… And the group did another for this month. Well I was feeling extra creative and decided to put the ones that I have done for January to lovely picture files. Please enjoy as I try to pretend that I am sleeping… Again.

It’s all about perspective

I’m sick. And when I get sick, I get maudlin. I got a notice that I was getting a deposit from Amazon for the books that I have available. It is the biggest deposit yet, a whole $2.77. That amazes me. It is a sign that people are buying the books that I have written… Mostly poetry, but I have some children’s books and a novella (as Serena).

When I told my mother that I was published her first question was if I had made any money. At the time I stumbled with my answer because I had only made thirty some cents. The fact that I had made anything was a miracle to me, but I knew that would not be what she wanted to hear.

For me, publishing is only a way of being heard. Still, making enough from my writing to buy a drink…. Well it humbles me. Would I like to be able to pay the bills through it? Well of course. I am not stupid. I just choose to be thankful for the small things. How often does changing the perspective change the way something feels?

Small miracles lift up the downtrodden. I choose to see this as a small miracle, so that I am uplifted. What perspective can you change to adjust your view?