September 2018 Spotlight Author Cynthia Pilcher

September 2018 Spotlight Author Cynthia Pilcher

My sister was featured on a Dear Friend’s blog!

Deedra Mosley

Cynthia Pilcher writes Speculative Fiction (Both epic fantasy and urban fantasy) for ages 18+

Cyn is an urban faery living in Jacksonville, NC with her shaman husband Greywolfe and their hunter/protector cat, Boots. When she isn’t hanging out with faeries, elves, and other fantasy creatures (so she can write epic stories!), she and hubby are playing video games, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, or Werewolf the Apocalypse, reading, or taking nature photos.

For more information about her books: https://www.facebook.com/urbanfaery/

Link to website: www.cynasnow.org

When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them Author had this to say:

The one thing I struggle with the most? Mental gremlins keeping me from finishing books. To combat this, I am releasing negative, non-supportive people from my life and I set up a plan with little goals leading up to a big goal for the next year. I also…

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So I have been accepted by another literary magazine. So I think that I will need to do a list of places… Other than my own publications that I have been published and what was published. Some of these are still upcoming. Approval often happens well before the printing.

Creatives Rising, Issue 1, Poem

Issue 2, Art

Issue 3(upcoming), Art

Down in the dirt. Jan/feb 2019 issue poem

bewildering stories, issue tbd (should be 762 or later, roughly a month from now give or take.) Poem

This list is obviously subject to update. I am starting to get braver about sharing my stuff. It is not an easy thing for me. I am so tickled by the response I have been getting.

Also with the change in createspace to kdp… I have been thinking. I am debating whether or not to keep my poetry volumes and kids books in Kindle unlimited or to do it over the other platforms. Weigh in with your opinion?



black pen near iphone and apple magic keyboard
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com 

I have been submitting to various lit magazines. So far only two have responded yes!  I will have my art in the fall edition of Creatives Rising.  And in roughly a month  my poetry should be appearing at http://www.bewilderingstories.com

Go show that e-zine some love ! I will post if any of my other submissions take off.  I am also going to try to submit more, as I think that I need to get my name known more.

Oh and before I go,  I registered Serena for Nano.  So I may not be posting much in November … Or I may be posting a lot. Not sure yet .


Word counts, Poetry and word faeries

Well Serena has been busy today. Final word count for Life, guilt, and undeath today gained 876. I have been penning many new poems, two of which are above.

Those of you who missed it, did you know that one of Serena’s stories was featured on a YouTube channel?here is part one & part two. Also both Serena and I will be featured in 2019 on the blog of a dear friend and fellow author. Author Deedra Mosley

Go check out her blog! I will be the featured author for January and Serena will be March.

I am lucky enough to have been accepted into the fall edition of Creatives Rising Ezine. My digital art will be there. Stay tuned for links as I get them for subscribing if you have not already. There is some truly amazing Creatives involved as usual with this edition. It is always an honor to be a part of such a wonderful zine.

I have been looking into local events and am seeing several in my region. I am hoping that transportation becomes a little easier and that I can try to attend a few. Any events that y’all want to see me at? Let me know and I will look into adding them to my possibilities.

Serena is also writing a short story for an anthology of dark faery stories. Watch here for more info on that as well.


August is looking at being a extremely busy month for me. First thing is that one of Serena’s stories is being released on YouTube at Ether Realms. Go ahead check out the channel. Like, subscribe!

Second, I have opened up a storenvy. I am slowly adding stuff. Check it out!

Third, I am setting up a studio space for my art. It will be very time consuming, but it will allow me to be more organized.

Something that is coming up soon is I was accepted for the fall edition of the Creatives Rising E-zine! More information on that is upcoming.

I have released Poetry kisses. Again you can find it here.

Serena’s Rust, gore, and the Junkyard Zombie is available here!

Want to support my poetry or my art? I have a Patreon! Exclusive gifts for the ones who support me! It’s Here.

I will be posting reviews of books that I have read here at least monthly (though I hope to do it weekly.) At the end of the review will be the link to the book on Amazon. It will be an affiliate link.

I have been doing a few “Live ” videos on Facebook where I read my poetry. I am not sure if I will be changing the format to allow me to post it elsewhere easier… But I am thinking about it. I may do a YouTube channel of my own.

Serena has been working on the second zombie apocalypse novel. Current eta is sometime early 2020. But it may change. The title for it is Life, Guilt, and undeath.

Keep an eye here for details as they happen.

Also I had a curiosity…. What topics would you the reader like to see me discuss?

Serena is considering adding one short story a month to the blog rotation.

That is all of the news for now….