Patreon poetry

Want to hear me read my poems? Once a month I will be making a video where I read two of my poems. They are only for my patrons of $5 or more…. They are links that you can download the video. I will be also doing Q&A… So if you have something that you want to ask….

The first one is up!


More Character development

So last week we talked about the basic knowledge that we need for each character. This week… I only have one question… What makes the character unique? This is both the hardest and simplest question that you will answer. Everything else is details and may never be used.

This touches on your original story idea. Why did you choose the character to start with? Where does this character fit in that idea? Knowing this allows you to focus on why the character is unique. You need to know why each of your characters are unique. If you read a story and it has cardboard cutout characters you will be less likely to enjoy the read! So to write characters that the reader will want to read, you need to find their uniqueness.

So what is their reason in your story? This can be something as simple as supporting or slowing the main character or they are the main character. You don’t have to be complicated in how you design the characters.

Once you have this information you are more ready to dive in. And mind you that not all characters need more information than just this. Some minor players just need a purpose.

Next time I will be covering hero/heroine deeper in depth. Hopefully by the time I am done you will be able to write characters that you would want to read.


So… I am 3 poems from finishing the writing of Spilled Verse. I am often in a crunch on the last five or the first five of any volume. Not that I should be, but it always has my anxiety going nuts in that ten poem stretch. Self doubt is the highest during those.

I have other issues that require attention at the beginning and end of a volume. Layout, editing, cover design and choosing a new title. That is where I am now. I have a list of “possibles” that I keep just for my poetry volumes. These are ones that I use to pick from.

My current list is nine long. It helps me to have options. I will likely be doing the cover reveal for my teaser Tuesday on my next volume.

Thursday Reviews

Complete honesty here…. I never have an easy time with doing reviews. I have read so many books that choosing one to review is a herculean task. Then I feel awkward with tech reviews because most of my writing apps are simple. I use word, evernote, and notebooks for writing (two of which I have already reviewed). I use Canva, and photo studio for cover design (I will review photo studio next week.) And artrage for digital art. Though I have many apps that I use those are the ones I use in creating. I always wonder why anyone would pay any mind to my random game addiction for the week (this week it’s a little game called Slidey and it is adorable), and talk myself out of doing reviews for them. I may try to break myself of that.

There is a story behind the book that I chose for today. I bought it at the school book fair when my daughter was in second grade. It was just barely at her reading level. It was something for us to read together. We alterated reading chapters. The characters were so good that we searched out the rest of the series. The dragon in the sock drawer by Kate Klimo. It is worth the read even for an adult. It is middle grade reading level.

Wednesday Faeries

So, a little while back my sister and I were doing a separate blog. It was Faeries doing a newsletter sort of thing. Well the blog was not where the faeries felt comfortable. It was just not working for us.

We enjoyed our time with the birchwood grove fae. Here lately we have been getting more from the fae. So we started them a newsletter. It goes out every other Tuesday. If you are interested then pop over to my sister’s blog as she has a pop up link to the newsletter.