life and the curves it takes

well it has been a day of surprises both good and bad. I got a wild hair and decided to check about “Charlie”. He is up for appeals on his charges. anyway the reporter i asked to update me on his status said she might want to do my story. i have mixed feelings on this, it means dragging my laundry out in the air for all to see. yet it also may help others come forward. He is a predator of the first class. Yet it hurts so much… and my mind blocked most of those memories long ago, Do i really want to go there? yet on a lighter note, I got whimsical last night and started a family tree. I asked my cousin to fill a blank i have as far as names and he told me to call his brother. I did and he has research his mother did. he is willing to go through it and share the info with me.

And so life goes
ever tearing,
ever raging
till at last
naught remains,
naught save anger
at only what might have been.

What was is gone,
and the broken shells
of lost dreams stain
the pristine horizon
of Never again.

ok so it sucks, just random thoughts as i type. well now for recovery and comfort food. maybe a crying jag who knows…*evil grin* hey joe…ok cyall


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