Final Fantasy XII

ok, i am so bad.joe got mad at the screwed up dvd player earlier. he threw it away. and so for angel he put his ps2 in living room for movie watching…anyway after he went to sleep i started me a game. he wanted to beat it first, but i couldn’t resist. he is flying through the game and having issues with the creatures. i spent 2.5 hours and have barely gotten  out of the first area. I want to be well stocked and unafraid when i go to the second place. yeah until the story line goes so far i miss out on some bad ass shit, but for now…..i think i will gain  a few more licence points and some more gil and get STOCKED before going any further. it just makes the game easier. plus i don’t mind the mindless and endless fighting you have to do.on a final fantasy game it doesn’t feel right if i can beat it in 10 hours or whatever. i need the massive hours devoted to the game. course that means less me time and less sleep time lol


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