An encounter with stupidity

We took angel to the park and there was two women sitting there chatting. And three children obviously in their care. I paid them little mind at first as i was taking pictures of angel playing. We took joe’s lunchbag filled with drinks as it was a hot day. I set the bag in the grass close by us. I looked around and the smallest of the children was digging in our drink bag. I told him “get out of that. It is not yours!” and the mother snapped at me “he is only two he knows no better” I told her that perhaps she should be watching her kids instead of talking to her friend. she told her kid that he did nothing wrong and stormed off calling me names. I went back to playing with my girl, and the lady went to the other play area. apparently the fact that i was not getting mad and leaving the playground bothered her, as after five minutes, she gathered her pissy self and her kids and got in her car. before she pulled off she yelled ” Thanks For ruining our time”. Some people really should be banned from having kids. I mean i can’t see letting angel get into other peoples things, and i sure would not get mad like that at someone who was just telling her no. I could understand if i attacked her kid or something like that, but all i did was tell him NO.


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