names and random bits of fluff

ok i met a gorgeous child who had the unfortunate nature of being named “lovely”. I cannot imagine naming a child such a name. i collect unusual names, but that will never make the list as it is not a name to me. I love names and their meanings, i find them to be amazing when a child has a great name. I wanted to name my first son Lance Orion. Mom said it was a cabbage patch name, but i liked it. instead I named him Nicholas james. My middle child was going to be Nathaniel Robert, but i felt it would be unfair to him to have two names as i had to give him up for adoption. His parents named him Nathan Robert, so I feel it was his name all along. My girl I named Gabrielle Arianna. I am not sure there could have been any other name for her. I never have liked my own name. I want to change it to Serenity Rose. I wonder if others have thoughts on there names?