The wind whispers
The worry I feel
The dark gathering
Of fear within my heart
Twisting at the ties
that bind souls,
Mine to another.
To be unable to
Do more than
Reach these arms out
To hold you as you suffer,
Cuts deeply in
A broken soul.

How can I heal another
And save you from woe,
When my own heart laid bare
Has never healed from even
the most minor blow?

I rage at my limbs
Hanging useless
As I wish to take from you
Pain and sorrow.
But in wisdom gained from
Life unyielding,
I hang my head knowing
That to release you from your pain
I deny you your strength.

Forgive me yet child,
For wisdom fails in the hearts
Relentless charge
And protect you from that which
Graces all lives I may try again.
Let us hope I hope I only partially


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