difference and indifference

ok, normally i come on here with daily struggles and disappointments and such. but this is solely for exercise and deepness of thought.(in plain terms, this is a writing exercise meant to make me (and anyone else who happens to read the crap i spew sometimes…lol) think.)

so here is the exercise: (and feel free to answer the question yourself readers…)
 How do you want people to think of you when you leave a room?

this is a journal assignment i had in high school that almost 20 years later stuck in my mind. it was designed to make us think about others and how they see us. well this is not something most people ponder. not at length anyway, At the time i said something inane like i wanted them to think i was nice. well i want that but i want to be remembered for helping others (and myself when the time calls for it), for being intellegent and witty(which are often two separate things.) and for having alot of heart.  yet i also do not want to be remembered for being easily manipulated(which i am afraid i way too often am) or for being a victim. to anyone.  so i obviously will never have everyone see me as i want to be seen. however it got me to wonder if it would not be better to have me see  myself that way then change to suit what i wanted to be. then the thought occured that i would find myself depressed for my constant failure to meet even my own demands. so i found i would be what i could. improve where i found it possible, and not think so much on the image others have. course this is easier said than done.

ok enough of my deep thoughts and randomness.


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