Writing topics and reluctant writer’s

       Okay I keep going back to my list for A. I am having trouble writing what’s left.  Not because I am unable,  or incapable.  Because I am too close.  Everything I would write about Abuse or sexuality might end up as angry ranting instead of the general musing I try for. Asking and assuming would sound( and did, as I tried those topics)  confused and lost.  Generally not a good read. Animals, while a simple topic,  are another that would just be a general topic without an angle to make the entry worthy of the read.
              In some ways,  I see that as a general fault in most writer’s.  Writing without passion and a clear head just makes an awful read. Know your limits.  Find a topic you enjoy and aren’t too angry over. Or at least not so emotionally invested that writing becomes nothing but a rant. Emotionally invested is only really good for poetry and op ed pieces.  I save most of those topics for poetry.  Had I not been sleep deprived,  my A list may have been more carefully made. So I will sleep on it, think carefully about it…and post my topics for B on the morrow.


     How does one teach a child how to use money?  By giving them an allowance,  of course.  It has always been curious to me as to how to decide how much to pay your kids.  I chose $1 a day for my daughter.  And if she misbehaves then in can cost between a quarter to a full day worth.  Yet,  I find myself wondering if it actually prepares her for deal with money.  After all she doesn’t have bills. 
        I have seen parenting pages that speak of working it more like a job.  Assigning a cost for their chores. This is an option but I feel like that makes chores less responsibility and more a job.  So then you need another method of teaching responsibility.
         So I am always looking for the best when it comes to raising my girl.  And so far,  I haven’t found a better way of dealing with allowance.  For now,  it’s money so she can have a measure of independent thought and learn at least a little lesson on handling money. 

Experiments in social media

               I am attached to my phone.  I use it for everything,  from games to writing.  So Facebook tends to be something i look to for promotion of my publication and for social interaction.  (Not that I am a weird shut in, or something…. lol).
              So in order to spark the muse, occasionally,  I post things to Facebook.  The latest was a challenge to my friends.  I explained that I might use the answers for fodder for blogging. If cost wasn’t a factor,  what would they want to gift me for my birthday.  Would it be serious or a gag? I am not sure what i expected. 
             I got touching responses. Many were the same.  Mostly everyone would give me improved health and happiness, unlimited books and art supplies,  and peace for my daughter and I. When I made the post,  I think I had a perception of more materialistic answers.  Which would not have fit me. I don’t know why I expected it. I am surprised however that there were no gag suggestions.  Hmmm perhaps it says something about me that my friends are all wanting peace of mind and happiness for me. I am sure however that I have been blessed in the friends I have.

My thoughts

       So much a year can change . Life kicked me hard in the head exactly a year ago today. I am a survivor,  so i did what i do. I survived.  I struggled and learned.  The stability i desired so badly,  i have obtained. And what matters most is what i held onto. So for those who are struggling and feel that their world has fallen apart, i say hold on…things do get better.


           Well this is a blow up topic.  One that if handled improperly,  could cause a flame war. America has never known a lack of abundance.  We have within our grasp everything we could possibly desire.  And this rarely is appreciated.  Don’t believe me? Try being homeless here versus in other parts of the world.  I have lived out of my car. There were plenty of places I could go to get assistance.  At least one shelter I left because it felt too much like they wanted to keep me. Poverty is horrible,  but often in the USA,  it means not having enough to do things on your own.  In other places,  it may mean worse.  The things so often taken for granted are just not there.  Food,  water,  basic shelter,  a land not at war.