I started something tonight when i decided to post a blog post. Another step in life to make a mark on the world around me. Still not sure what my mark will be. I struggle constantly with self worth. I am forty… and although Ihave done a lot, I really do not have anything to show for it. I can write code in c#…but I taught myself to do. I craft, making jewelry, crocheting, sewing( although badly). Yet, in the long run, this too is not something where I took classes and have a certificate. I write, both poetry and stories. Yet, though I have four volumes of poetry, a novella and a children’s book published in various formats( still working on releasing them for Nook.) None have sold. Now I add blogger to my titles. Writing isn’t something I could even give up. Nor is drawing. (Even if it feels like I do both badly). Truthfully, in the end I doubt I could really give up doing anything that I do. So my titles grow, and I am still just a high school graduate…
Just for the curious…. my titles include…. Geek, Programmer, Jewelry Artist, Author, Poet, Mom, Crafter, Pansexual, Survivor, Blogger, Artist, Gamer, Pagan and who knows what I’ll add.


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