Writing. Perspective.

             In trying to convince myself that I am not the only writer who struggle with the promotion aspect of publishing,  I have been reading many  blogs about writing.   Writing is for me necessary.  Whether I ever put it out there,  it is as much as breathing.  Now that publication is able to be done independently,  and costs me nothing, it seems that is common sense. That being said I have never been good at self promotion. 
         As a writer,  each thing i write feels like a child of mine.  That being said,  promotion feels like i am selling out. I realize that is the purpose of publication.  However it still cuts the grain.
           Reading these blogs really have given me perspective.  Every one of the writers in these blogs seems to share my insecure issues about publishing and the trials involved. Many of my dreams about being a writer did not include the actuality of selling.  Then again nothing of the actuality of publication is as i dreamed. I honestly believe many writers feel the same.
           Being a published author seems glamorous and likely to end one up famous and rich…right?  Not really. Some of the best writers were paupers and completely unknown in their own time.  So for me, knowing that,  I really didn’t expect fame and riches. I think i only planned slight acknowledgement to be my reward.  Silly isn’t it? I really didn’t expect disillusionment. Which is what I have been seeing in so many authors and poets.
              That same disillusion is responsible for me deleting half of what I write.  Even for this blog.  After all, if is sounds whiney….why would anyone read it? That’s what diaries are for. So when it becomes too difficult to keep my writing in perspective,  time to surf other writers and their thoughts.  Time to remind myself,  I am not Alone.


One thought on “Writing. Perspective.

  1. I completely agree. I am the same way. I am so insecure about my writing, although I am getting a little bit easier on myself looking at all the joy I am bringing people. I do not want to be rich and famous, I just want to bring happiness to others and if I can do that through writing, then that is what I shall strive to do. I can’t do it all the time, as my ‘demons’ get the best of me more than I would like them to and I can’t write for months. However, I have started this new year with a more positive attitude and will do my darndest to keep writing and writing and writing, even if I never finish the big stories I have because I know that at least some of my writings are doing good. I wish you the best of luck as well and no, you are NOT alone.

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