Tools, text and context.

    A lot of what I read about writing claims I should structure my writing time.  Plan a place,  make a dater and set a goal.  The problem I have with that is I don’t write well when I structure it. It starts to feel forced.  So I have started instead to attempt at least do something writing related for 25 minutes every day. Now that really doesn’t always have a word count attached.  It can be editing,  or outlining,  brainstorming,  or organization of files.  It can even be research or reading a article about writing. 
       Even searching for inspiration on the net. I realize many of those don’t sound like writing.  In many ways that’s why writing isn’t seen as work.  Because of course all we as writers do is tell a story.  However,  it’s not always that cut and dried. For a writer, one of our biggest tools is our mind.  Imagination and creativity are a part, yet without the ability to direct it, writing lacks a fire that is difficult to explain. To hone that ability,  we need to do what encourages our minds to grow. Which is something I believe everyone should do.


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