I live in a three story apartment complex. There is four apartments per floor.  Mostly i can handle the noises around me…except for yesterday.  Yesterday the neighbor in the apartment directly beside me was banging and clanging at the loudest possible way she could till four am.
          While I normally would have assumed it was just a bad night for them,  now i wonder. Everyday it sounds like her kids are running around drawing on the walls.  And I had a visitor today who told me she knocked on my door when I was not home. She said that the kids in the other apartment screamed for her to go away. 
     I try to be polite, as much as I can.  I have taught my daughter to do the same.  However this doesn’t seem to be something people do anymore.  I remember my daughter bumping into someone in a grocery store when she was about six.  The woman looked so shocked because I forced my daughter to apologize. 
      It’s understandable for the kids to be playing.  However letting your kids run ruckus till four in the morning? Letting them yell at people not even knocking at your door?  I believe that manners are dying a slow death.  I mourn the fact that rude has become the new normal.


6 thoughts on “Rudeness

  1. Totally agree! Most children/teenagers nowadays have NO clue what manners are and even some adults gave gotten into the ‘i only care about myself’ attitude so they just act however. Shows bad parenting or that the person was so spoiled as a child that they just have no idea how to act in the presence of others! It’s disgusting and shameful.

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  2. Okay. There are so many things that you can do. I was referred to you to by a wordpresser named she. I would put a speaker and play some super annoying old skool country music and face it to that wall. Don’t have it so loud that they can do a noise complaint, but have the bass turned up so it will aggravate the hell out of them. Set an alarm on your iPad/phone etc. and put it against the wall and have it go off every 15 minutes all day long. If they go to bed at 4, make as much noise as you can from 415 until noon when they want to sleep, if you happen to be gone that day. Hammer, sweep the walls, bounce a tennis ball on the wall watch a mafia movie with loud gun shots.

    Sound childish? It probably does, but I have had so many mean and inconsiderate neighbors. One even messed with my car when i reported them for noise. So I bugged them every single day until they moved out because they would stomp around for 6-8 hours straight a day or more making life miserable for me and my little girl. We did not sleep well and were not happy to be home. So, I found ways to make me feel like I had the upper hand-a sense of empowerment. Anyway, the great thing would be for them to move. But I would definitely complain to management first. If that got nowhere, I would use all of the aggravation tactics. It works, I know! Good luck!

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    1. I honestly have considered it. However it would go against who i am trying to teach my daughter to be. In many ways I am trying to teach my twelve( gah how’d she get that old?) year old to be a polite functioning geek …. which is hard enough as she already sees how many stupid people are out there. Add to that the rude….and well some days i wonder why i try.

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      1. I am in a similar position. My kid is close to that age. But I approach it by saying that some people are going to do the wrong thing, and we must try to do the right thing. But, we have to stand up for ourselves. So, we do. We never start anything with anyone and are not disrespectful and if the neighbors are nice and don’t make noise for a week, then neither do I. I let an awful lot go with them and others, but sometimes enough is enough. Sounds like you have a smart kid like I do and you are doing a great job raising your kid. But, you deserve peace at home, if nowhere else. That is why it is a big issue for me. Outside of my home I have to deal with morons, but when I am at home I want to be happy. You know? I think I have my neighbors trained now, with my aggravation techniques:) Good luck!

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