Okay,  now for a overdone topic.  There are so many blogs out there talking about anxiety… perhaps because as a culture we have over the last century become more and more anxious. Admittedly,  I am not immune.  It keeps me up thinking.  However,  I try not to feed it. I imagine anxiety as a terrible beast with sharp claws and way too many teeth.  It follows me, waiting for the weakness to take hold.  Waiting till I am so weary,  that I rest. We all must rest occasionally. Then the beast tears into me, stealing my breath.  Causing my mind to immerse in paranoid wanderings.  Causing fear to take hold. Most of the time the fear is manageable,  as is the self doubt.  It’s always there,  but perhaps I am better at pushing it down.  For me,  the beast called anxiety takes my power to push away. 


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