Hope belied(not sure on the title)

                    The wind whispered through the slim gaps at the windows edge. So much of her struggle couldn’t be explained. She couldn’t put the pain and emotion into clear words. Even having survived this far, she continued to be surprised by all life threw at her. “Time to pull yourself together!” She thought.  “He’ll be here soon. Decision time!” Oh, how she hated the life changing choices.
                    Dating a truck driver meant either long periods alone or choosing to ride with. In her mind both options sounded awful. Her love for him was certain, everything else felt like a lava pit she was suspended above. So as her lover knocked on the motel door,  she knew she would go. In many ways, it felt like she had nothing to leave behind. She opened the door,  letting him in. Quick hugs made the shadow of doubt fade. No one understood what she saw in him. He was just tall enough to allow her head to rest comfortably on his shoulders.  His unruly red curls seemed to wrap around her heart.  The strength in his arms when he wrapped her in them, made her feel delicate and feminine.  Which is something she had never felt. He understood her quirks.  He made her laugh. 
                    Though she still didn’t know what he saw in her, she knew she would go. The details were quickly handled. With the dawn her new adventure would begin.  A far greater adventure than anyone could ever know. He told her the truck had been handling strangely. He really wasn’t sure why. The engine was a advanced prototype.  He was being paid more to test the engine than most truck drivers ever see. “Our first stop needs to be a special shop, so I can have it checked out.” He spoke distracted as he helped her climb into the rig for the first time.
                    Climbing into the big truck for the first time scared her. At five two she was used to being under most things,  in the truck she felt like she was flying over everything. 

*authors note:  this is only on it’s first draft. Constructive criticism is welcome,  but trolling is not.


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