Experiments in social media

               I am attached to my phone.  I use it for everything,  from games to writing.  So Facebook tends to be something i look to for promotion of my publication and for social interaction.  (Not that I am a weird shut in, or something…. lol).
              So in order to spark the muse, occasionally,  I post things to Facebook.  The latest was a challenge to my friends.  I explained that I might use the answers for fodder for blogging. If cost wasn’t a factor,  what would they want to gift me for my birthday.  Would it be serious or a gag? I am not sure what i expected. 
             I got touching responses. Many were the same.  Mostly everyone would give me improved health and happiness, unlimited books and art supplies,  and peace for my daughter and I. When I made the post,  I think I had a perception of more materialistic answers.  Which would not have fit me. I don’t know why I expected it. I am surprised however that there were no gag suggestions.  Hmmm perhaps it says something about me that my friends are all wanting peace of mind and happiness for me. I am sure however that I have been blessed in the friends I have.


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