Disorganized, headache.

    Today has been a busy day.  I have been doing chores.( still have many to do tomorrow.)   And all i have wanted was to make jewelry. Problem is i have had a sleepover with three twelve year old girls.  Recently.  And haven’t had a chance to reorganize my craft supplies since.  I am quite fond of crafting.  I really love making jewelry.  To me it’s another art form. So the chores cut into it, and being disorganized really didn’t help. So tomorrow among the chores,  is a craft organization.  So, though i know i have a new list of topics,  i may be Wednesday before i update.  And as Thursday is the birthday of a very important twelve year old…. i will be overly busy until next week.  I am not saying this to make excuses.  I am only explaining, so that the blogs i squeeze in will actually be seen as what they are. Me going above and beyond what i see as my possibilities,  to write.


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