Okay,  time to release a bit of the fangirl. I love anime. I am not a purist. I don’t like reading my movies,  and I do not speak Japanese. Still some of the best movies and shows I have ever seen have been anime. I have had to defend anime because people always assume it’s violent or just cartoons. Anime does  sometimes have violence,  but so does regular cartoons. 
                My favorites are Tenchi Muyo, Fairy Tail, Bleach,  Soul Eater, Black Butler,  Blue Exorcist,  Yu Yu Hakasho, High School of the dead, Hellsing(and ultimate), seven deadly sins, hell girl, vampire princess miyu, death note,  Fullmetal alchemist ( brotherhood), Sword art online, And Slayers.  I end up often disappointed by the fact that many are left unfinished.  And finding English dubbed versions is sometimes near impossible. There is at least a couple of streaming options.( i have funimation) but even those aren’t always offering dubbed. 


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