Isn’t life funny? As a child,  a birthday is very magical day.  It’s always a milestone.  However,  with age, we stop seeing birthdays with as much glee. I think it’s tied to gifts and responsibilities. 
           Growing old should be more about becoming wise. Still as an adult it’s often a lonely day where we wonder where happened to us. Another day around the sun. We look at what we have accomplished,  and many of us feel bad. I want the wonder back. 
           I really couldn’t care about the gifts,  or lack of. But i would like a day where i don’t look in the mirror and see a failure,  for my lack of meeting some grand accomplishment goal. A day where growing older just feels like i am growing wiser. I am glad my daughter is still young enough to relish her birthday. I hope she never loses the magic of it.


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