Board games

  A crucial part of my childhood,  there was always some game to play. Early on I was exposed to Scrabble and Yahtzee. Monopoly and Life were also major parts of my life.  I remember one Christmas my brother and I received tic toss toe. Games like candy land, hungry hungry hippo, ants in my pants, snakes and ladders,  rummy-o, risk,  checkers,  chess, batgammon, Chinese checkers, dominoes,  parcheesi, clue,  sorry,  boggle,  and various card games were how my family bonded. Video games weren’t even in my home until I was grown,  so for me board games are still a family activity.  We have the zombie monopoly,   a card game named give me the brain,  zombie dice, Life,  rummy-o, and several others.  My boyfriend is getting a game called Zombies!!!  For his birthday and we have already started our daughter a collection of games. 
         I am always looking for new fun games.  The market on Board games geek is a really good place to find new games at really great prices.  It’s where i found some of our family favorites.

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