The difficulty of historical accuracy

              My work in process,  Elizabeth,  is split between two different times. The first is 1494. Now i can keep it historically accurate.  I have done the research.  However,  I am running into a flow issue… as well as a language synaptic issue.  I know where i want to carry the story.  It will be a romantic adventure circling around two women in the same family a century apart. I have posted the first chapter.  I have chapter two written.  It’s the third chapter where things fall apart.
.                    I wonder if it would be better just to write the story then go back and edit the language. I am not sure I really want to have the complete historical accuracy anyway.  The language back then was extremely dry and wordy. Thus far I have only kept a slight accuracy. This story has been a W.I.P. for over 20 years.  It would be nice to finally finish it.

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