Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Sappy holiday wishes to everyone… yes even you the unloved.  You actually aren’t,  but especially around the holidays,  any and all holidays… it often feels that way.  Or it feels like you are unlovable. Either way it means a miserable day as everyone around you speaks of family and loved ones.  While you just seem so very alone.  If you need someone… don’t be afraid to reach out.  Very likely another person you know is alone. 
                Honestly i dread the time begging around Thanksgiving and ending around Ostara. Not because I don’t enjoy the holiday( even if there is a buttload of them crammed in a four month span). I dread them because the members of my family suddenly expect me to socialize. So it feels forced.  I don’t hear from some of them any other time of the year…. most of them don’t have a clue anything about me (likes/ dislikes,  etc) but because of some overdone holiday…. eh well i believe you understand.  So i end up depressed.  I end up questioning everything. Then I end up considering others who maybe feel the same way. Well this year… it resulted in me reaching out. Please if the holiday is too much… call someone.  Go see someone.  For there is always someone who loves you, whether you realize it or not.

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