S is for Sisters.

I see sisters in much the same way. And Btw this is my sister writing the blog this is from.

Cyn A. Snow, Author

Sisters for me has a different meaning than sibling. I have a half-sister but ever since I left home at the age of 18 ( She was 7 — now 34 and I am 44) she has treated me like I do not exist and always introduced me (after me leaving home) as her ‘half-sister’ to her friends. Yes, I just called her my half-sister but that is because she hasn’t been worthy to be called just sister in the last 27 years even though I have tried to mend things. She is a lot like our father…pretty much acts like I don’t exist and while it hurts on occasion, for the most part I have moved on and have gained sisters that are not blood related but are always there for me when I need them….like a sister should be.

I have quite a few that I call Sister…

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