Crafting for me is a form of stress relief.  Then again I come from a crafty family.  My paternal grandmother did ceramics,  doll furniture,  and candy. My father works with leather.  My mother does beautiful Quilts and used to macrame. My maternal grandmother crotcheted, sewed, knitted and did plastic canvas.  I am all over the spectrum.  I do jewelry making,  crotchet, plastic canvas,  clay, metal & wood  working…. and some sewing ( mostly mending). I have always wanted to throw pots, but the equipment was more than i could afford.
          I always am amazed by people who do no crafting. How do they calm their minds?  How do they afford the decorations of life? Don’t get me wrong,  i am not saying there is anything wrong with not crafting.  I just cannot imagine life without it. I also am amazed by people who came before.  I use you tube and pinterest to teach myself how to do new techniques.  My grandmother was self taught from books.  And excelled at what she did. What crafts do you do?


3 thoughts on “Crafting

  1. Jewelry, painting ceramics, wood pieces, write, color, and soon to be teaching myself and grey apotecary stuff (oils, candles, soaps, etc). I know the painting ceramics comes from my paternal Grandmother. Everything else i have no clue. I also have taught myself everything (save the writing, I’ve had help along the way between my 8th grade English teacher, hubby, friends, etc) as well. I agree with you. I don’t understand how people cannot be crafty in some way.

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