Drawing life

In All the things that my phone did, that I lost because the phone died, I lost  my access to a camera. I have a digital camera, but it eats batteries. I say that because I love doing art, in many forms. I draw, I practice amatuer photography, and I write.  I also do various crafts. Even with out my phone i do all of it but the photos because of the aforementioned camera difficulties. However, I just end up unable to share any of what I do, except the writing.

Perhaps it is a ego issue, but I enjoyed sharing my pictures and drawings. I felt like it was a good way to gather constructive criticisms. I admit it is also a chance for the random compliment fishing session. I don’t know of many creative types who don’t need to hear that what they have done is worthwhile. That is why writers publish what they wrote. Well, it is one of the reasons, anyway.  Many reasons exist why I want to share my art. It isn’t just my ego. I absolutely believe that art is meant be seen. Even if it is not of masterpiece quality. After all art is a piece of the artist’s soul. I believe in the beauty of an artist’s soul.


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