hey lookee freebie!

My friend Redbird posted this on Facebook this morning.

“Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! Keko and the Lost Bananas is now FREE on Kindle until March 8th! Below are the links where you will find it depending on where you live in the world.

So grab yourself a copy and make sure to leave a review on Amazon for me please and thank you!

Have a wonderful day/evening!

http://ow.ly/Z4Kjt — US
http://ow.ly/Z4Lm1 — UK
http://ow.ly/Z4Mis — CA
http://ow.ly/Z4Mqg — AU
http://ow.ly/Z4MzO — DE
http://ow.ly/Z4MHX — FR
http://ow.ly/Z4MQr — ES
http://ow.ly/Z4N3U — IT
http://ow.ly/Z4Nf4 — NL
http://ow.ly/Z4NmY — JP
http://ow.ly/Z4Nv4 — BR
http://ow.ly/Z4NBv — MX
http://ow.ly/Z4NHA — IN”



Go get yourself a copy. It really is a cute story with delightful illustrations. And until the 8th of March it is free! Free is always good!


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