Ego Candy

It often amazes me how easy it is to feel that special boost of ego.  A small compliment or a happy customer. Today, I received a boost. I have been feeling lately a lot down on myself, my art, my crafts and my writing.  Its hard to feel good about stuff when one’s own family doesn’t seem to feel pride with what you have done.  Now in the last two days, I have had two amazing compliments. The first was from my twelve year old. I ordered the proofs for my novella, and my children’s book.  I gave them to my daughter. Well the other night as I tucked her in (cause yes i will still tuck her in every night so i can get that lovely hug and kiss each night),  she told me she had read the children’s book. She said it was kinda good. Which is for her major praise.  Then I had a day of good writing, followed by a day of productive crafting.

So today I had a visitor. who provided ego boost number two.  I had laid out the pendants I made to  try to plan a display. and she saw them. She was so enthralled by them that she kept telling me how beautiful the pendants are. It made me feel so good. I think in general we forget how small compliments and acts of kindness can affect the day of a person.  So I think i will try to hand out a piece of ego candy (Compliments that is) every day. I recommend everyone do this.


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