the muse’s bite

I have at least three novels i am trying to finish at the moment. so I am trying to avoid starting any new stories.  then a steampunk/post apocalyptic story started in my head two days ago. I have not been able to thing of anything else since. I wrote some on elizabeth, fighting off this new story….and ended up with a headache for my trouble. I am amazed at how insistent the muse can be at times.  I am also amazed how absent it can be. The hole that is left when the muse sleeps is painful.

Add to the whimsy that is my muse, is the technical issues of my phone dying. I am not making excuses, just saying that the mobility of the phone made it easier to write. So now when the muse strikes i have to find the laptop or paper. Paper used to be abundant in my home. Not in years though. So i have to fight with an overburdened laptop that is missing keys. (seriously the tab key, the backspace key and the “m” key are missing from the laptops keyboard). It has very little memory and is running win Xp. It’s not mine, it belongs to Joe (my best friend/lover). So i dare not change the  OS. (it would be Linux if i could).  So i gave into the Muse tonight. I wrote over 350 words (and still counting) on the new story.  I may decide that what i wrote is garbage and go in and rewrite it completely. Still for now, I have now four stories to complete and the eternal current volume of poetry. I really love my muse…even though days are there when i truly hate my muse…


3 thoughts on “the muse’s bite

  1. I can relate to this sooo very much. I have so many ideas but sadly that is ALL that is coming through lately. As for paper…go get some cheap notebooks. I have TONS of them all over the house even though I have a laptop and a Kindle that I can write on LOL We need to keep pushing each other and hopefully one of us will have a fully done novel soon LOL! ❤

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    1. it feels like i have less going on than many of my friends, as most of what i have published is poetry volumes. I have one children’s book and a novella. so i really want the next thing i publish to be one of the stories i am working on.

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