Hug, Apology or a kick in the bum

I am debating which of the three I owe myself. I finally got back into writing. Published another Children’s book. (mind you I have been writing all along but not as much as I expected of myself.) then I went to check Nook press to see where i was in publishing all of what is already out on Nook…now mind you I have been so upset that my phone died that I didn’t see the blessing in disguise. I have been procrastinating. Instead of keeping it simple and just writing, I have been worrying about word counts and fancy apps to write on.  So…I discovered that I had left one undone on Nook…and was far from done there. So Not only will Bedtime tales be going live (its already live on Kindle) but now word play will be available on Nook. I will be getting more up and try to update some links for you guys soon. And Regardless of what I owe myself…I owe you readers my butt being in gear.

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