YA Faerie Story!

my sister’s doing a Young Adult story!

Cyn A. Snow, Author

SO! In addition to doing my Woodland Adventures series, I will now be working on The Faeries of Birchwood Grove.  This will be a Young Adult series for those ages 9 & up. It will be a variety of stories following a bunch of faeries who go on adventures, get into trouble, and just generally have a lot of fun. There will be mischief and mayhem, villains/enemies to combat, etc. All of this came about from discussing the faeries on my trunk LOL. Plus, it will give me a little break from the Forest of Dreams while I search for a new illustrator as I will not need one for the YA series, save the covers of each book.

So! Title of the series is The Faeries of Birchwood Grove and here are a few of the faeries that will star in these adventures:

BluebellBright orange hair, bright…

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