Inspiration and remakes

Disturbed Official video for sound of Silence

I posted this link because today it was my strongest Influence. I am often extra critical of remakes, as I feel that the statement that there is nothing new under the sun keeps being proven. I however have a few that I prefer the remakes to the original but not many. This is one of those. The lead singer is perfect for this song. I found in this a bit of inspiration. I have found inspiration for poetry before in songs. The way a song makes me feel or the way certain lines go together. It amazes me what can be inspiration and what can merely be just enjoyable.

I know a lot of people who look for their inspiration only in writing prompts. Or in the world around them. I find inspiration everywhere. Do you?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration and remakes

  1. Music is a huge inspiration for me. I often find myself listening to music while driving and hitting a creative moment. Unfortunately, those are not good moments to stop and write. Sunsets, sunrises, and rain are also inspirational for me.

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  2. You are totally right. This song is fantastic and music is definitely a great way to be inspired! And I do find inspiration everywhere but most of them don’t pan out. It is nice to look at the world through a creator’s eyes! Strange buildings, music, nature in general are inspirational for me. I also get a lot of inspiration from pictures, so my husband makes sure I have plenty to work with!

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  3. Inspiration has been hard for me to find lately, but music and a muse does it for me mostly, and deep t hinking, but I’m also an hopeless romantic, so whe n i create scenes in my hea d of me meeting the one, i get inspired lol, also kindly check out my new blog posts.

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