Lazy days and Tuesdays?

Normally i have a million of things i work on. Between writing and social media, games and housework, Parenting and crafts. This morning was no different. So this afternoon when I returned from running errands, I found myself feeling lazy. I didn’t want to do the normal social media. The games were less than attention grabbing.  Housework does need done, but finding motivation is always fun when it is work. I have some typing to do, and still some writing. I just find myself sitting here thinking how bored I am. I found myself in good company. A lot of my friends were having motivational issues today. I have heard of Lazy days and Mondays. Sundays tend towards lazy days often. However it seems to me I have never heard of Tuesdays being lazy days….I have stuff that needs done, writing just waiting for my attention. So I force the nose to the grindstone. My To-do list for the week is less than interesting for me at the moment. I have done some of the housework that seems to be constantly screaming for attention. I still have dinner dishes to do tonight. I have a vendor fair coming up in May (on the 14th in Keyser if you are interested) So i really need to work on my crafts. and all I seem to feel like saying Is…Not today.


2 thoughts on “Lazy days and Tuesdays?

  1. Yep! lol I feel you honey as you know. Just seems everyone *fairies included* are not feeling like doing much today. I may try and work on my story some though if I can get into that grove but I agree with the wanting to say “not today” LOL ❤

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