I have had them for as long as I can remember. I have looked into the idea of controlling my dreams.  However once they dream starts,  I am helpless.  I know that some who have never been in my place would suggest that I just “shake it off.” Waking from a nightmare for me isn’t logical. The fear and helplessness follows me.  I wake confused about where I am. I wake with my heart racing and my breathing uneven.  Depending on how long I was in it, I even sometimes awaken to bloody places where I have scratched myself or been hitting the wall. 
              Add to that the fact that I rarely get back to sleep after,  doing so is very often a herculean effort. So if I tell you I am tired. Or say I am having trouble sleeping…. please don’t feel the need to suggest I cut down on my coffee.  Most weeks I have less than a cup a day. Please understand,  if i tell you I am tired, it is merely me explaining that I am not at my best.  Even with nightmares,  I am not stopping… Don’t ask me to tell you what is so scary. Most of the time all i remember is the fear.  The feeling of being helpless.  No details other could I give you.
                      This nightmares are not a sign of weakness. They are the a sign that I am mentally unstable.  They are merely another reminder of my survival.  I made it through a lot of things.  I have lived an interesting life. How my mind handles some of it,  well, it could be worse.

Abusers use anger to control others


Does anger make you a valuable person?

The greatness is not getting angry but knowing that you can get angry but you do not.

Anger, like any other emotion, is a natural emotion and it has various degrees and shades.  We all have been angry or frustrated at one time or the other and we know that it doesn’t feel good to be angry.   We all have vented one time or another.  It’s fine to feel angry once in a while but despite that it’s important to remember how we express our anger matters the most.  Here I am talking about anger and not rage because of which people end up killing others.

Expressing your anger

holding-anger-is-like-drinking-poison-anger-quoteThe most healthy way to express your anger is first calm yourself down and then talk about what is bothering you in a calm and assertive manner.   Neither being aggressive about it nor ignoring will help…

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Waken and weep

Sleep is a dangerous thing
Hidden from me yet again.
Elusive as a butterfly
Once caught on the wind,
Drifting endlessly away.

Stress and worry
Steals easily,
Peace of mind
Leaking away
Like water through
A broken pipe.

Even when reached
No guarantee of peace
In the ever elusive sleep,
For sometimes all that occurs
Is merely to waken…
Waken and weep.

Are You Done Yet?

Are You Done Yet?

"Be part of something good; leave something good behind."

RobinWorkingWow, it’s been thirty years since my first children’s book contract. So… what have I learned in thirty years?

I’ve learned that people often don’t respect or understand just how long it can take to accomplish a task that might appear, to the one not doing it, to be easy. I think everyone has experienced the boss, friend, or family member who has no clue what it takes to do a job, but feels justified to ask, “Are you done yet?” and scoff if you are still at it after what they conceive to be a reasonable amount of time to be done already. I hear you.

As a children’s book writer and illustrator, the belief that this is easy, fast work has always been an unjustified assumption about our business. I used to tell a friend what I was working on, but I stopped telling her because she would…

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R.I.P. to so many

So many bright
Flickering pinpricks
Of brightly shining lights.
Just this year have quietly
Been doused into the
Darkness of the ever after.

For them eternity has begun,
But for those who remain? 
More and more of this drizzling
Grim and lonely rain.

For just a moment,
The light of their talent
Allowed us reprieve
From the pain.

Off to the eternal
So many this year.
Leaving only
To shed a tear.