Recycling to clear the mind

I craft a lot…and randomly. so walking into the hardware store and asking for wood glue and spray paint got me a odd look from the old man working there. I know how I look. I am pear shaped, short, and have short purple hair. I am, as  I have often been told, far from imposing. So I needed spray paint. I am making a utensil holder out of soda pop cans. mostly because i can, but also because it is something fun to do with my kid. Not that I need another project. I have a dozen on a shelf waiting for my attention. I am not so bad that i save everything that i can do projects with. However I do pick up random things that catch my eye to make various things with. Sometimes  I think I am a bit of a magpie. :3 what crafts do you do?


5 thoughts on “Recycling to clear the mind

    1. yeah but the piles of paper and books are not likely to have people thinking you are planning a criminal activity…lol. what type of paper crafting do you do? quilling? or some other sort?


  1. I paint figurines and ornaments and I make jewelry when I (and my hands) feel like making something pretty lol. I also have watercolor paints and canvas and stencils. I have quite a few projects that I haven’t finished as well but I’m sure I’ll finish them …eventually LOL!

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