Life is all about change

                    I got a kindle fire today. Up till now I’ve always used android devices.  Admittedly I avoided apple products because of the disturbing proprietary nature of their devices. Amazon’s Kindle fire tablet has many of the same flaws.  It is a flaw in computers and tablets. You are required to use a certain set of programs or apps depending on who puts out the device.  Android and Linux are the most flexible in this,  but even they have their limits.  I was asked why I chose a Kindle fire instead of a cheap android.. well the answer is in order to be sure that even half of my apps would work I would need a device well over a hundred dollars.  This tablet which i could verify at least half would work on, only cost $65.  So i went with the lesser evil. However it is a painful change.  As nothing Google works on this.  So i have lost my Google maps, and the luxury of Google docs.  It means no chrome or Google search.  Amazon truly set this up for a consumer as there is less ability to personalize it..All of my lovely Widgets are unusable. So while I do love this tablet,  I mourn the usability that a pricier tablet may have provided.


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