Slacker no longer

                 I finally have my kindle set up, mostly. Minor tweaks will always be there… but I’m finally where i have all my writing apps back. Don’t get me wrong,  I can write on paper,  or on the ancient laptop we have…still for me, i do my best on a touch screen tablet. So I was slacking on my daily writing. Even though I know better, I allowed myself to excuse the lack of word count by counting the days until my fire would be in my hot little hands. Not that there has been nothing from me, the latest volume of poetry is two closer to done. I have been assisting my sister with her faeries. (And working on a faery cookbook with her). I have done blogs (although not as many ). Still I am enforcing a two hour a day writing time from now on. And until my  vendor show (in Keyser, wv on May 14th) i will be setting aside an hour a day  for crafting.
                I know i will have at least something ready for publication by December. (There may be another children’s book sooner. Depending on how things go.) Seems like my biggest issue isn’t the writing…. lol. It is the procrastinating. 


3 thoughts on “Slacker no longer

  1. What writing apps do you use? I totally need to start using my kindle more for writing as well AND hopefully now that I have the faery book going, I need to also schedule writing time to get stuff done every day so I can get this done in time for Christmas! We can do this!! ❤

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