Strong heroes weak zeroes

                      We all have the heroes/characters  we root for and ones we hate. It’s partially just human nature.  Still part of it is just the depth of the character.  What goes into a good character?  Is it their description and the well set up scene?  Or is it the easy connection the reader feels? Yes…but it is also the concept. For an example I will use Batman. He is  a strong heroic character.  Described as an attractive athletic male. He has a strong mind and uses it to make the world around him better.  Is this what has caused the character to endure?  The first time Batman was seen was 1939…take that in…this character has survived.. no he has thrived all the changes of almost a  hundred years. I find myself wondering what is involved in creating such a character. Giving it the ability to grow without becoming something outdated and boring.
                I believe a lot of Batman’s appeal is that he isn’t perfect.  He is not some superpower who knows it all. He is human. He has suffered greatly.  He is something that each person could be. So to my mind what that means is when writing,  try and keep the characters plausible. Make them either some one you can see existing or someone so unique as to catch the imagination.



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