So your in pain?
Stop thinking. 
Just start writing
The first things
That come to mind
Continue till you can
Completely clear your mind.
Clean it up later.
Don’t structure. 
Just write.

It’s difficult to write?
Only because you make it so.
Writing doesn’t have
to make sense. 
It is merely a way
for the heart to bleed
emotional poison
into a form that
Your mind can process
and comprehend. 

You have problems
with getting what
Is in your  head
onto the paper?
Because you worry
Too much about
writing it perfect. 
Write crap.
Push gibberish
on the page….
Then later.
After you have
had time. 
Then edit.
Pretty it.
Squeeze your soul
From gibberish tossed
Carelessly to the page.


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