Abusers use anger to control others


Does anger make you a valuable person?

The greatness is not getting angry but knowing that you can get angry but you do not.

Anger, like any other emotion, is a natural emotion and it has various degrees and shades.  We all have been angry or frustrated at one time or the other and we know that it doesn’t feel good to be angry.   We all have vented one time or another.  It’s fine to feel angry once in a while but despite that it’s important to remember how we express our anger matters the most.  Here I am talking about anger and not rage because of which people end up killing others.

Expressing your anger

holding-anger-is-like-drinking-poison-anger-quoteThe most healthy way to express your anger is first calm yourself down and then talk about what is bothering you in a calm and assertive manner.   Neither being aggressive about it nor ignoring will help…

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