Day 30


The chance to go on a major road trip with my daughter.


Day 29


I had been visiting a wonderful sports bar for a couple of years.  The owner had promised my first beer for free.  I went,  played pool(i was forbidden to play darts as my aim was horrible ) and enjoyed a free beer.

Personal faith in self

                       Each creative person goes through it. The crippling self doubt.  One often expects encouragement from those in the life of said person. And it really doesn’t always happen. I’m not alone there. For me it’s just a baffling thing. I am seven time published.  Four volumes of poetry,  two children’s books and a novella. Still there are days when I wonder if my writing is any good. And since my family doesn’t seem to be proud of me and what I have done… it seems to wear on my confidence in what I do.
                              Then my bestie, my sister I chose, who is also a writer asked for my help. It doesn’t seem like much to a outsider I am sure… but for me this was huge. It felt like validation of my writing.  My writing is such a big part of who I am… this felt like I was being accepted.  So it got me thinking.  Why does my family,  my blood,  not accept what I do? Really the only thing I can think of is that to them,  since I have always been a writer, it is simply nothing new. So perhaps I am going to have to accept the idea that those who are not showing pride in me aren’t doing it in cruelty. Perhaps it is in ignorance.
                So perhaps I should not expect the world to have faith in me, and be thankful when it does.  Instead I should have faith in me.

Back to Birchwood Grove!

From my sister’s blog! She asked for my help yesterday with a prophecy….

Cyn A. Snow

So yesterday I managed to get more writing done. I have now had a bad cough for 4 1/2 weeks but my energy levels are going back up and the coughing has calmed somewhat so my focus is coming back and I was able to write 1490 last night in Faeries of Birchwood Grove – Book 1 in The Mystic Lands Trilogy. This brings my total word count to 6279! Which is, to me, a HUGE thing.

I am so excited and my brain is so busy with thoughts of how this first story is going to go that I can already ‘see’ bits of what happens later in the story!

Sometimes when a writer is stuck, they will go to friends for help or they will stop writing for awhile to let their brain ‘reboot’ so to speak. Well I got to that point last night and went to…

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Breaking The Legacy Of Silence

Kim D. Bailey

I had a bad experience tonight but I decided to write about it. Others no longer deserve my power or my silence. I will speak against all things that are hurtful and abusive whether they like it or not. This is self-care. This is power. This is living. This is love.

So I wrote this:

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