Day four (May the fourth be with you )


1. I am very diverse in my interests. Art, Anime, animals,  old movies,  crafts, reading,  computers,  games,  amateur photography, history,  science,  religion,  nature…. and so on.

2. I am a survivor.  And that is part of why i write.

3. I am geeky and into several fandoms….but not always am I truly fanatical about the fandoms I enjoy.

4 I don’t do politics… really… just no.

5. I am really into pikachu, miss piggy and Eeyore.

6. I wanted to be a teacher when I was in High school…. mostly because of the amazing English teachers I had then.

7. I am my own worst critic.  I do not see much of what I do as being worth being read or seen. 

8.I believe that all art, music and writing enriches the lives of anyone it touches.

9. I kill houseplants… unintentionally.

10. I got my nickname in high school.  I am called mouse because someone (who became my friend ) chose to on a prank on me.  He slipped a dead mouse in my purse. I had a cat at the time who was always giving me a gift.  So I just calmly dealt with it.  Soon after i was called mouse.


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