Day six


This is a bit harder to answer. Historically there are several who fascinate me.

Lady Jane Grey – because for all the tragedy surrounding her, and the grace with which she handled her inability to affect her own life.

Lucretia Borgia – Because she was strong and independent during a time when it was not acceptable for women.

Ellspeth Bathory – Because she was truly Bat shit crazy. Everyone should be fascinated by at least one bit of crazy.

Edgar Allen Poe – Because for all his Talent,  he died an unknown.  He was an extraordinary writer.

Emily Dickinson – Because she wrote only for herself.  She was not published until after she died. Her poetry touched me deeply.

Jack the ripper – because he is an unsolved mystery.

There are quite a few that fascinate me…and I would be here till tomorrow trying to list them all. I am  often fascinated by strength (of character and physical) and intelligence.

What are you fascinated by.


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