Day Seven


              I have four.  A pentacle,  a blue rose piercing through a heart, a faery, a blue rose with an infinity symbol surrounding it’s stem.
                    They each have meaning.  Although in truth each of the tattoos were chosen merely because I liked them. Nothing more or less than that.
                      The pentacle is a symbol of protection.  It banishes the negative.  My tattoo artist was a high priest,  and as he finished the circle,  he blessed it.
                      The faery is a symbol of nature and of belief in the fantastic.  Mine is faded and nearly nothing but her wings and toadstool remains.
                      The blue rose is a symbol of death. Which is also a beautiful sign of life. The one that pierces a heart was my first tattoo.  I have wanted it since i was fifteen.
The other one is supposed to symbolize infinite hope.

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