Day thirteen

(Just an fyi…day fourteen may be late.  I have an event I am doing… a very public event selling my crafts… which is btw making me neurotic….. so I am not sure how up to anything I will be afterwards…. but I will do the blog asap. I promise.)


I am a stay at home sort. Hence the neurotic meltdown… lol. I really am introverted.  However I am wanting to make an honest attempt at seeing how my crafts sell… so my first ever event.  I have approximately 100 hair clips.  About 150 hook style earrings,  nearly a hundred post style.  About fifty pendants /necklaces. At least Six picnic utensil holders.  Some painted rocks. Some bracelets,  broach pins, keychains. Some clothes pin dolls. Aaaaand I feel like  I am not going to have enough to sell.  so I am making bookmarks to keep my sanity.  If you are anywhere near Keyser, WV on Saturday come see me. We will be in the south end park over by the tennis courts. There will be two food vendors,  face painting,  a bounce house.  There is quite a few vendors signed up. Potomac Valley Hospital is going to be having an event there too.


So don’t mind me….
I’ll just keep making and see y’all there.


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