Day fifteen


To be honest this took actual thought. Quite a bit of thought.  Not much really irritates me…I am something of an easygoing person.  I even asked those who know me best to get a feel for what I would be perceived as having as a pet peeve.  My daughter figures my pet peeve (once I explained the term ) was her misbehaving and disrespecting me. I really don’t think of her random teenage moments (as she is actually a really good kid) as being worth counting as my pet peeve.  I am just her mother.  That means I hide the amusement when she is acting as stubborn as she does.  My boyfriend of twenty years just I don’t knowed at me….so I must not really have one that stands out to him. My sister told me it was stupid people. Okay uhm…yeah.  I really have issues with those who are purposely ignorant or hurtful. So my pet peeves list is a total of one… that’s not bad. 
                 What’s yours?  And why?

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