Day sixteen


Today this has been a day….
°6am woke up and got my angel up.
°7am got her off to school
°till 830 spent writing
°went back to bed until 1130
°1130 checked social media
°12pm ran vacuum,  cleaned bathroom,  picked up living room
°1 did articles for my sister’s faeries
°230 Ate hot dogs
°345 greeted my baby and listened to her day
°5 laid down for a nap as my back had been in pain all day.
° 7 got up made dinner
° 8 took a shower
°9 family television time
°10 angel bedtime
°10 till 12 more writing time (and some social media too.)
°12-130 goofing off / me time
°130 me bedtime
Some difference each day but this is generally my day.  What’s yours?


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