Liebster award nomination


Liebster Award

It is a blogger award where one blogger awards another blogger for their fantastic blogging skills.

Following the rules
Thanks to Jennifer Steiner for my nomination. This is fairly awesome.  Check out her blog,  she is a wonderful writer.  Her blog posts are often about gaming. She has a nicely upbeat attitude. 

Another wonderful blog is one my sister does The birchwood grove gazette. She is writing a young adult story focused on faeries. This blog is a really neat newspaper done by the characters in her story.

Let’s move on.

Now follows the section where I answer (or attempt to answer) the questions that the one who nominated me  came up with.

1. What is your favorite book? Well this is a really hard question. I have so many. Tamora Pierce’s books,  Nora Roberts’s books,  Jacqueline Carey’s books,  changeover by margheret mahy,  up a road slowly by irene hunt, the ghost belonged to me by richard peck, the earths children saga by Jean M Auel, outlander saga by Diana Gabadon, most of Anne Rice’s books, lost boys by orson scott card, several books by Barbara Michaels, a couple by John Saul, a few by Steven King… honestly I think of the books I have read it would be a shorter list to name those i have hated.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher or a writer. There were a few others,  but those two more than any.

3. If your house catches fire, what do you grab on your way out? Other than family? I keep my important papers in a folder. That and my kindle.

4. Who is the person most responsible for not only the person you are today, but who has pushed you to be you? 
My boyfriend of twenty years and myself.  He was support and sounding board but I am who pushed.

5. List five things that inspire you (person, place, book, movie, show, etc.).My maternal grandmother,  life, nature,  all books,  dreams

6. What is your favorite dessert and why? 
tiramisu….it’s just wonderful

7. Why are you here today? Because I have never given up.

8. What makes you get up in the morning? my children and my boyfriend

9. If you could raise ONE person from the dead to tell them ONE thing, who and what would it be? my grandma to tell her i love her.

10. If you could buy something you greatly desire or create peace between people, which would you choose? peace.  I am always going to choose peace.

Random Facts about me
1. I am often known for having trouble verbally.  Those who know me call the moments of verbal duhs “Pattispeak”.

2. I am geeky. I taught myself c++ because I wanted to play with world design for ultima online.

3. I have no patience with blatant cruelty or stupidity.

4. I am a survivor.  I make do with every situation life throws at me. And I don’t let it stop me.

5. I am still working on a novel from over twenty years ago.

6. I am an insomniac.

7. I am pansexual.

8. I love to read. I have always got a book with me.

9. I love to stay busy.  And though I have many shows that I enjoy,  i really don’t like video.  (I am usually doing something with my hands while I watch television.

10. I am a textbook Pisces.  Highly emotional and extremely creative.

The Rules-

Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you. Display the award on your blog. Write a post about your favorite blog that is not your own. Explain why you like the blog, provide links. Provide 10 random facts about yourself. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you fee
l deserve the award. List these rules in your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to: Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post or mine if you don’t have all the information so that they can learn about it.

My nominations

Kim Bailey Deal

Cynthia Pilcher

Robin Koontz

A Not So Jaded Life

Sharon King

My questions for the nominees
1.Why do you blog?
2. What is your favorite music,  and why?
3. What is your favorite medium (ie pen, digital,  crayon,  gel pens,  pencil ) to write with and why?
4. Which cause is closest to your heart? And why?
5. How do you read most?  Ereader, audio or actual book?
6. Who is the biggest influence in your life?
7. If you had the power to change one thing in this world and have it work,  what would you change?
8. What is your writing routine?
9. If you could visit with one historical figure for a full day,  who would you visit?
10. Other than blogging,  what else do you do as a hobby?

Speaking out and why

        Those who know me know I am a very outspoken person. I try to be as honest as possible. Mostly because my memory is awful,  i really would forget the lie. Easiest way to end up caught. There are topics I voice that I know make some uncomfortable. I refuse to be silenced because what I have to say makes any one feel bad.  I was told I was lying when i first spoke my truth.  Others suffered because of this.  I was sexually abused. I was terrified of my abuser doing exactly what he threatened to do. So it took time after to speak. He told me no one would believe me. They proved him right.  I was thirteen years old when I finally found the courage.  So he was allowed to continue his life,  and I was thought insane.  He did to others what was done to me.  They were heard and believed. He has been in jail for about six years now.

I speak now to take back my power.
I speak now because I believe the truth should be heard.
I speak now for those who may find comfort in my story.
I speak now because I survived. 
I speak now because no one should feel insane for telling their story.
I speak now so that my abuser and those like him never win.

Letter rant.

Dear manager of the taco bell in the pilot at hubastadt, in.,
    You are part of what is wrong with the way people view minimum wage jobs.  Yes I was irate.  Consider the fact that I had already been made to wait.  Then your employees failed to put my items in my bag. So I came back in and asked them to fix this.  I was not even raising my voice the first time I returned to the counter. I merely said that there was a problem.  The fact that I was causing my trucker to wait was something that should have been noticed. Still I went back to the truck to find they still failed to give me all that I had ordered.  By this point it was pouring rain.  So I came back in… nearly falling due to the rain.  So yes I was yelling.  But to tell me that they are only fifteen year old kids and then say that if I thought I could do that job better… well I have.  I have worked fast food.  I was expected to do my job.  Excusing them from doing what they are being paid for is why people think that only teenagers work fast food.  If your kids can’t handle doing the job then they have two choices,  either get a different job or deal with the consequences of doing it wrong.
                          The bitch you were being patronizing to

Practical versus sensual

                  Over the years,  I have become very practical about how I write. Due to low money, I started writing more digitally.  I convinced myself that I enjoyed it just as much, if not more because of the fact that editing was easier in digital. I forced myself to forget the lovely sensual pleasures of a pencil in hand. Or the smell of lead as one writes. The joy of seeing your own handwriting on paper. Still digital allows easier editing,  and I  do loose things written on paper far easier.  However I think it is something as the digital age progresses that we are loosing.  As we stretch for practicalities,  we too often pass on just the sensual aspects of what we do.
                       I enjoyed my tenth & eleventh  grade years in high school,  mostly for the teachers who encouraged unique minds to be themselves. One class in particular, creative writing. The class was an English /language arts option.  The teacher was laid back and easy going.  The first two days of the week were reading. Her rules those days were only that you read, she didn’t care if it were comic book or novel.  We had four books assigned (one per quarter ) but otherwise we had freedom of choice.  We did have to do a report on what we read,  basically review it for the teacher. Then the last three days were writing.  Those days she wheeled in a huge A/V cart. There was various types of paper (construction,  college ruled, kindergarten lined, tissue,  etc) and various writing implements (pens, pencils,  crayons,  colored pencils,  etc) on the cart for us to use.  Rules for the writing days were simple.  Each quarter we had to finish one project.  That meant a rough draft, a edited and proofread draft (by a classmate ), a draft proofread by the teacher, and a final draft.  That opened up the whole class for creative learning.  I truly believe the ability to use so many different mediums helped. Which mediums catch your fancy?  Do you create best when you use just one type? 

Let’s Make America What It Was Always Meant To Be: The Home of The Free and the Brave…to Include ALL OF US, Not Just a Chosen Few

Let’s Make America What It Was Always Meant To Be: The Home of The Free and the Brave…to Include ALL OF US, Not Just a Chosen Few

Kim D. Bailey

I wasn’t going to write about this.

In fact, giving attention to the debacle feels like I’m helping spread the message first intended by Rick Tyler, an independent candidate in the race for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat.

However, after careful consideration, I decided my reaction in words here is necessary.

It’s important that I not only speak for myself against an obviously bigoted sign and message, but for everyone else who was denigrated by this person.

In my great state of Tennessee, here in the United States of America, Rick Tyler put up the following sign as part of his campaign:

Courtesy of WRCB TV , Chattanooga, TN
I was born in Tennessee in Hamilton County in 1966, so I know the dark underbelly of bigotry, misogyny, patriarchal dominance, and religious persecution first-hand.

This was the culture I was brought up in. My family, primarily made up of relatively…

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Recognised during my lifetime

               I took one of those internet quizzes… you know the sort. It was supposed to analyze my writing and tell me which famous author my writing most resembles.  I was tickled to see it claim my writing most resembles Edgar Allan Poe. It also tickled my Joe. When I feel like giving up on publishing,  because of what seems to be so little interest,  he has always pointed something out to me.  Two of my most favorite writers were virtually unknown in their own lifetimes.  Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. I admit that the thought has kept me from giving up.
                       Now I believe I have mentioned before the fact that I have issues communicating sometimes.  I mentioned Joe’s amusement to my sister,  and I think it came out wrong.  She came to my defense quickly,  telling me how much of an honor that was. She claimed I was recognised.  I see this from her view.  Yes,  some know and enjoy my writing.  However,  it often feels like I am failing. I am terrible at marketing my work.  And very few of those close to me even see what I do worth speaking of.  So I am not recognised in a way I see it. To me,  being recognised means that I at least have any one who knows my work enough to do a review.  So far the only sales have been to family (my sister aforementioned). I am not about to stop writing.  I have no choice,  writing has always been a major part of who I am. Still writing does not mean I have to publish. So that which keeps it going is the idea that even if it is unappreciated now, it may still touch those it needs to later. 

Breadcrumbs from the Void #14 by Alex Schumacher (Not So) Civil Ceremonies: Rituals of Writing, From Five2One Magazine

Breadcrumbs from the Void #14 by Alex Schumacher (Not So) Civil Ceremonies: Rituals of Writing, From Five2One Magazine

Kim D. Bailey

Check out my colleague, Alex Schumacher, and his column about writing rituals. Just click the link below.

Irreverent, hilarious, and REAL.

Alex Schumacher’s Column in Five2one Magazine: Breadcrumbs from the Void #14

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I am writing!

              Vacation seems like it should be a bad time to write.  It’s work, right? Still for me, at home I find it harder to actually set the time aside for writing.  Too much else to do. So much household chores that never seem to be done.  Too many distractions,  social media and other entertainment options. I realize I should be more disciplined about my writing,  but if I structure too much,  my muse will abandon me. I have spent two hours today writing.  Cleaning up my projects helped.  I backed up a couple of projects that really aren’t working,  and cleared them from my writing app. I rewrote two pages that were lost in a save mishap.  I wrote more on a couple of my works in progress. I wrote another poem for Life Drops. I am also of course writing this blog post.  Still.  I am doing so much better on my vacation with my writing than I do normally.  I have no internet to distract.  No housework to distract.  I only have my kindle and my family.  I am hoping that I can publish the second book in the Bedtime tales series before summer ends. I am aiming to finish one of the other books (full novels)  before my 45th birthday. That gives me a little over three and a half years.  🙂