Kim Bailey Spradlin

In light of the tragic and brutal attack on the Orlando night club, The Pulse (NYT ARTICLEHere), my Second Sunday song post to my blog is Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”
From Wikipedia, Marvin Gaye

What happened in Orlando is a sobering reminder that we as a species still have a long way to go in our evolution.

What’s Going On” was released just a few months after my 4th birthday, but you better believe I knew this song by heart.

As part of the soundtrack of my life, Mr. Gaye’s hit was played (on original vinyl) in my grandparent’s home with such frequency they had to keep a stock of needles to play it on the record player that thumped out all kinds of music, from Motown hits to Classic Country to Rock ‘n Roll.

So, enjoy this segment and light a candle for all who…

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