Kim Bailey Spradlin

I wasn’t going to write about this.

In fact, giving attention to the debacle feels like I’m helping spread the message first intended by Rick Tyler, an independent candidate in the race for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat.

However, after careful consideration, I decided my reaction in words here is necessary.

It’s important that I not only speak for myself against an obviously bigoted sign and message, but for everyone else who was denigrated by this person.

In my great state of Tennessee, here in the United States of America, Rick Tyler put up the following sign as part of his campaign:

Courtesy of WRCB TV , Chattanooga, TN
I was born in Tennessee in Hamilton County in 1966, so I know the dark underbelly of bigotry, misogyny, patriarchal dominance, and religious persecution first-hand.

This was the culture I was brought up in. My family, primarily made up of relatively…

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One thought on “Let’s Make America What It Was Always Meant To Be: The Home of The Free and the Brave…to Include ALL OF US, Not Just a Chosen Few

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