Letter rant.

Dear manager of the taco bell in the pilot at hubastadt, in.,
    You are part of what is wrong with the way people view minimum wage jobs.  Yes I was irate.  Consider the fact that I had already been made to wait.  Then your employees failed to put my items in my bag. So I came back in and asked them to fix this.  I was not even raising my voice the first time I returned to the counter. I merely said that there was a problem.  The fact that I was causing my trucker to wait was something that should have been noticed. Still I went back to the truck to find they still failed to give me all that I had ordered.  By this point it was pouring rain.  So I came back in… nearly falling due to the rain.  So yes I was yelling.  But to tell me that they are only fifteen year old kids and then say that if I thought I could do that job better… well I have.  I have worked fast food.  I was expected to do my job.  Excusing them from doing what they are being paid for is why people think that only teenagers work fast food.  If your kids can’t handle doing the job then they have two choices,  either get a different job or deal with the consequences of doing it wrong.
                          The bitch you were being patronizing to


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