Unseen Reality Ch.1


I had finally made it, graduation day had come at last. I was accepted to UNCC to pursue a degree in creative writing. The program’s I was interested in was a toss up between writing and computer technology for video game development. Excitement  swelled within me to the point that I was crying.

A knock at the door brought me back to reality. My best friend Alaina breezed through the door all smiles carrying a bouquet of tiger lilies which happen to be my most favorite flowers in the entire universe besides the lotus flower. “Congratulations Bestie!” She screamed with so much energy that I had to ground myself for the impact. “Thanks Alaina, for a while with all the drama with my parents I didn’t think I would make it.” I sat down on my futon looking off into space. Alaina walked over standing in front of me, taking my…

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Head in my hands,

I have lain.

Frustration rules my brain.

Doubts rearing,

Words written

With no readers opinions

To reach and sway.


Crippling doubt

Searing the mind,

Taking the muse

Leaving only frustration behind.


The pen a sword,

With a double edge so keen.

Severing the need,

Laying the heart so bare.


Spirituality Healed Me Of Anxiety


Written by Chrys Minter

I was out visiting a lady who was sick and shut in. I was in training by ministering with the first lady of a church I was attending I was learning how to pray for healing of those who were sick and facing illness. All of a sudden my heart started fluttering, I became completely flushed and I was really scared. I was totally outdone due to the fact that I had some type of episode in front of other people. My First Lady and her daughter were there at the time. At that point I didn’t know how to respond. They both helped me to breathe and calm down so the attack wouldn’t get any worse.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but my first lady did. She told me I was experiencing an anxiety attack. She asked me if I had ever had…

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No voice 

Power stolen,Silence woven.

No voice left 

To the soul broken. 

Humanity removed, 

Difference exposed. 
Protesting the darkness 

For sake of grasping the light,

Only to find the soul

Just too weary to fight.
A voice stolen completely away 

Left by society silent today. 

For though I speak clearly, 

There is no one to hear me.